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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

May 3, 2022

Robin was a self-proclaimed fixer, hard-worker, doer and pusher. She thought this was the only way to get what she wanted. She thought this was the way to her “trophy.” These are very typical type A characteristics in the women I work with. They are determined to get what they want and I fucking LOVE that about them (and you.) But what happens when this type of work doesn’t translate into the fertility journey? It’s SUCH a valid question, which is why I wanted to interview my client Robin on the Fertile Ground Podcast. This interview is going to give you a firsthand look, with lots of examples in Robin’s life, on how there is another way to creating your baby where you can stop fighting for your worth in the stuff and the doing and the more, more, more. And this kinda “work” is an inside-job that will gift you a lifetime of self-love, peace and content WHEREVER you are and WHATEVER you’re going through in this lifetime. You’re gonna learn: How to let go of the identity as someone “struggling to get pregnant” before getting pregnant. Why you gotta move out of your normal to get what you want. Why you don’t have to be a “good girl” to get pregnant.  How to fail forward on the fertility journey and why it’s fertile as fuck.