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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Jan 18, 2022

After many moons trying to get pregnant, through many different avenues – my client Lynsey had a hard time believing in change. Thoughts like, “I’ve tried everything, now what?!” or “Am I even changeable?” made her feel helpless. And in this space of wtf-is-next… she realized she needed help. She couldn’t do it on her own anymore. Although she had fears around investing in ‘yet another fertility thing’, she was ready for a different way. A way that would make her feel better NOW. Not just when she got pregnant. So she signed up for my 6-month group coaching program, Fertility Mind-Body Mastery. (A perfect example of how we can have fears, but don’t have to listen.) I decided to interview Lynsey for the Fertile Ground podcast – because I want you to believe that YOU CAN CHANGE. And you will, after hearing her story. But it’s not that anything is wrong with you… it’s that you BELIEVE that something is wrong with you… and this is what needs to burned to the MF ground. In this week’s podcast, you’re gonna learn how Lynsey: Moved past just “logically getting this work” – into actually EMBODYING and APPLYING it into her life. Overcame the resistance she had around spending money on yet another fertility thing (and ended her time in FMBM saying that she would spend her whole life’s savings on this shit) How to finalllllllyyyyy be yourself again — and even have your partner recognize it. How the fertility journey can actually create MORE intimacy between you and your partner. Found her worth and fell in love with her life. Listen now. You do NOT want to miss this one.