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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Nov 17, 2020

As a woman, it’s normal to take on this responsibility of figuring out this fertility mystery all on your own. Most women take it allllll on. Because their mind doesn’t even show them that there’s another option. Your monkey mind says, “You’re a woman. This is what YOU do. This is YOUR role. Suck it up and figure it out.” So you try your best to think the right thoughts, cook the right food, book the right appointments and do the right workouts – all because you feel solely responsible to your partner, your family, your friends and to yourself - to make this baby happen. Exhausted yet? I know I sure was with this belief. This belief left my mind and body totally depleted, which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to create. Whenever I feel that woman-responsibility-pressure-feeling building – I know I have ONE solution waiting for me to gain the courage to do…So in these weeks podcast, you’re gonna learn: How to let go of the guilt and the shame in asking for help. Cause girl, we need support. All of us do. Not just you. There is no reward at the end of this life for the most exhausted and depleted woman. There’s an easier way. But of course, there’s a lot of resistance we have to asking for help. And I want to bust all that bull shit today. Take a listen to let this go.