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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Oct 25, 2022

When Kaitlin reached out to me, her identity was primarily her diagnosis. Her current health status -- according to many doctors and practitioner’s -- had dominance over her life decisions, but mainly dominance over her thoughts and what she believed was possible for her. “I need to heal my diagnosis before I get pregnant.” made her feel ashamed of her body, isolated (even from the TTC world), and a slave to all the rules she believed she needed to follow in order to heal and finally get pregnant. When she reached out, she said to me, “Spenser, I’ve worked with mind-body coaches before. Do you still think you can help me?”And I remember saying, thinking, feeling: “Fuck yes I can.” Simply because, my approach to *healing* is so different than our cultures – no matter what the diagnosis. So she signed up for my program. And I feel like for the first couple of months I just kept unfucking all the thoughts her brain had believed about who she thought her mind and her body needed to be, in order to get pregnant. (we go into detail about these thoughts on the podcast) At first, she was confused. Eventually, she got it. It sunk in. She embodied the fertile magic. She’s now pregnant. Listen now to how she created this miracle despite past failed IVF cycles, an “unhealed” diagnosis and a whole fuck-ton of self-love.