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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Sep 13, 2022

Like so many of the women I work with, Ashley has a huge heart. Not only is she lovely, but she cares and does so much for others. And like so many women, this highly acknowledged “good girl” behavior as a child, can easily become shaped into a people pleasing put-everyone-else-before-you mentality as an adult. At the core, people pleasing is looking outside of yourself for worth. Needing other people to be happy and appeased in order for you to be happy. A LOT of pressure on the mind-body. Also… not controllable. This poses a unique challenge when on the fertility journey, as it’s so important to your mind-body health to discover your internal worth as a woman -- beyond your reproductive journey -- and to learn how to care deeply for yourself. Ashley says, “In order to be happy, I thought I had to struggle, work hard and sacrifice myself in order to get what I want.” She thought people-pleasing and being agreeable is what she thought made her valuable in our culture. That is…until she joined my program Fertility Mind-Body Mastery! If you’re a self-proclaimed people-pleaser, you’re not gonna want to miss this week’s Fertile Ground Podcast where I interview Ashley. You’re gonna learn how she gave herself permission to:  use her voice. have desires. feel her feelings. not shame herself for having ALL the feelings. Listen now!