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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Jul 11, 2022

 It feels crazy to announce to that I’m halfway through my pregnancy with baby #2! The fertility journey is one wild ride. So many ups and downs. So many unknowns and uncertainties. So many what-the-fuck-is-happenings. The irony is that the more I surrender to this truth – that fertility cannot be tamed, and my only job is to let her be wild, misunderstood and often confusingggg -- the more connected with her I feel. The more free and safe I feel to live my own life. The more fertile I feel. My son Beck took 8 years to conceive, while the baby I’m pregnant with took no time at all.  Because of this, the journey to baby #2 was VERY different than baby #1. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, it was exactly the same. Confusing? It will make sense in this week’s podcast. You’ve allowed me into your journey just by following me/signing up for my emails/being a part of my programs – so I decided to share my personal story with you. My intention is that through my story, you learn more about your own VERY PRESENT AND ALIVE relationship with fertility. You begin to understand fertility’s purpose, her qualities and her beautiful essence. Because the truth is, the relationship begins before baby. You don’t need to get pregnant to invite her in. She’s alive and inside of you, as soon as you decide. Listen now!