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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Apr 19, 2022

Money and the fertility journey go hand in hand. And initially, that could be a huge piss off. Resentment builds and shame takes hold with the thought of, “Why do I have to pay when to most people, this is absolutely free?” And if you focus solely on the physical aspects of the journey, it’s super easy for this thought to disempower you after every investment you make on the journey – big or small. I agree that some investments on the journey come with discomfort. Which is totally okay. Discomfort isn’t “bad” and is often fuel for growth. But here’s where it gets twisted and disempowering: When shame is behind all of your actions and investments towards baby. Often this sounds like, “Why me?” When you aren’t conscious around your investments and are just grasping at straws towards what you think are “small purchases”….that over time really add up, because you want to feel productive. When you invest all of your time, money and energy on the outside tangible and physical aspects of the journey while still continuing to feel like shit on the inside. So in this week’s podcast, we’re gonna chat about all things money + fertility. By becoming aware of what your relationship is like with money -- you get a greater and higher view of how you’re approaching your fertility journey. It’s a win-win. This isn’t about judging yourself for how you’ve been doing things. It’s about injecting mindfulness and love into your relationship with money. And even… learn how to create more money in your life… but you’re gonna have to listen to the podcast to learn how!