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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Nov 30, 2021

Welcome to Part THREE of this very special interview series in the Fertile Ground Podcast! We are now accepting applications to join the Fertility Mind-Body Mastery January 2022 class - which you can apply for right here! You are going to get chills through your whole damn body when you listen to this podcast with my VERY special guest – Daisy. Her perspective and learnings will fill your mind and body with utter relief, as she discovered a beautiful way through the cultural pressure to make the baby happen – and shifted this feeling of pressure into feeling deep love for herself. In today’s podcast, we’re chatting about: Why Daisy says Fertility Mind-Body Mastery is the best money she’s ever spent. How Life Coaching is different from therapy. Why acceptance is TRULY an option on your journey, after the exhaustion from over-efforting. How she let go of cultures expectation to pregnancy and confidently created her own unique path. Daisy says, “I want you to know that there is another way to your baby, even though you can’t imagine it right now. This time does not have to feel like a waste and you don’t have to feel like you’re sitting in an emptying waiting room.” Listen now!