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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Nov 16, 2021

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt like things were really starting to work out – after a time of struggle and trying to “prove” yourself? Maybe it was at a point in your career. Things just started to feel right. Finally. Or meeting your partner. It felt like things were finally clicking. You could relax now. It’s like nothing could stop the momentum that was building. But even if something did… you didn’t care, cause it felt so good? WHICH MADE THE MOMENTUM EVEN STRONGER!  Thisssss is what momentum feels like towards your baby. My clients describe this momentum as: Feeling so right. Magical. Completely unattached to the timeline and outcome. It’s the energy that guides and trusts the journey, instead of feeling like you’re back at square 1 on plan #467, when you get your period. So in today’s podcast, we’re chatting about How to Build Momentum to BABY! You’re gonna learn: The 3 things that stops momentum. The 3 things that BUILD momentum. How to trust it. Without sensing momentums presence, it’s like it’s not even happening. When you sense it and acknowledge it, you only make it stronger! Let’s build some beautiful momentum towards your baby mama-bear…LISTEN NOW!