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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Apr 27, 2021

9 years ago, I know I needed help. I had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and was totally and completely obsessed with TTC. I vividly remember sitting at my desk at my old accounting job and googling “how to stop worrying” while simultaneously also googling, “first pregnancy symptoms”. It consumed my everything. I knew something needed to change because life wasn’t fun anymore and my worries about the future of my family were at an all-time high. So I found a Life Coach of my own. And literally, the rest is history. Asking for mental and emotionally support along the journey to my baby was the best decision I EVER made and was my catalyst to revealing the very best version of who I could be in this lifetime. The problem is that many people DON’T learn the mindset tools. They don’t ask for help. They just suffer. OR… They wait for things to get SUPER BAD before asking for help. Cause coaching or therapy isn’t yet normalized in most social circles and very often people believe that if they ask for help, then “something must be wrong with me.” But in this week’s podcast, we’re gonna break down the stigma against what it REALLY means to ask for emotional and mental support and why LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD THAT BREATHES NEEDS IT. Instead of just going through the motions on your fertility journey and hoping that the positive pregnancy test will be the thing that finally lights you up – learn how to light yourself up in this week’s new podcast. Listen now!