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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Nov 24, 2020

What I resented most about TTC for so long, was how alone I felt, and how hardly anyone knew how to support me through it. Your monkey mind might tell you that it’s just easier NOT to talk about it and you might even subconsciously isolate yourself, because you believe you’re safer this way. But the last thing isolation is on the journey, is safe and easy. And although you’re attempts are to feel better, research shows it creates a mind-body disconnect. (More about the latest research in the podcast.) Of course, time to yourself is healthy. But social connection, finding people who understand your struggles and realizing you’re not an alien on the TTC journey is incredibly relieving and very healthy for your soul. So in this weeks podcast, we’re gonna chat about the importance of community when you’re TTC. You’re gonna learn: How to overcome the monkey mind objections that you tell you that you’re “different” and that you don’t need a community (Yes, I know you have them. Cause I did too.). Why a TTC community is NOT a pity party, but empowering. How to find one. I know that part of the reason why you want your baby, is so that you can finally feel like you belong. But I promise you that you can fulfill this yearning now. Stop waiting. Start living and feel the relief of connection. Listen now!