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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Jun 4, 2019

You went to the family party. You were actually enjoying yourself. The people. The music. The yummy food. Until your Aunt Lucy/cousin Jane/Grandma Esther comes up to you and asks, “So how are you doing not having a kid yet? You know you should just RELAXXXX… have a glass of wine. You’re probably just too uptight about it all!” You do your best to answer the question, fuming from the inside-out at their insensitivity. But at this point, you can’t wait to go home. As soon as you get in the car, you look at your partner and say, “Did she seriously just fucking say that?” On the journey, it happens. And you can’t always control it. And as much as ya wanna lose your MF shit and watch how this interaction ruins your entire week -  you can control your response to it. You can healthily respond to the situation in a way that leaves your mind-body feeling connected. Not disconnected in anger and resentment. This week’s podcast is all about: How to handle those insensitive comments while TTC. So listen. Feel supported. Take relief in knowing that you have this 15-min gem to guide you through these life-learning experiences.