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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

May 21, 2024

My husband Dan attended a work conference a couple weekends ago in Banff, Alberta. 
It was a gathering of female physicians with a focus on mental health. 
I wasn’t there. But it was a shock to Dan that so many women are struggling getting their partners on board with the day to day tasks that make adulting feel so hard.
Women do so much. It’s called the “invisible workload” and it encompasses the intangible and often unnoticed tasks and responsibilities involved in managing a household and even more so in your case, the fertility journey. 
It’s very common for women to  struggle to create a more equal role of responsibility on the fertility journey. Not sharing the responsibility of this journey with your partner adds a ton of pressure to the woman, while also making her feel fully responsible to “make it happen.” 
This week, I interviewed my husband Dan on the Fertile Ground podcast to create common ground towards a solution. I’m so excited for you to listen! (And omg can I just tell you – I am so in love with this man.)
Men are different. They think and do things differently. But this doesn’t mean we can’t come together to achieve our goals and live a beautiful life… where we take on equal roles to make sure everyone is rested and happy ❤️
TBH, making this transition to equality wasn’t easy for Dan and I. But you can listen and learn from our mistakes 🤣
This week you will learn the 3 steps on how to create more equality in your partnership:
  • Accept that men and women are different (and why this isn’t a bad thing).
  • Disarm each other when you get activated. 
  • How to ask for what you want and need from each other. 
You’re gonna LOVEEEE this episode! 
A weight is going to be lifted off of your shoulders. 
The pressure isn’t yours to hold mama bear.
Listen now!