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Fertile Ground: A mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life.

Nov 7, 2023

“I should be more disciplined.”
“I shouldn’t be feeling sad.”
“I should have more hope.”
“I shouldn’t eat this piece of bread.”
When you’re TTC, the “shoulding" is endless. 
…about what you should do to optimize conception.
But more deeply rooted, about how you should feel. 
Although you think the shoulding part of your brain might be the voice that “keeps you on track”…
The only track we keepin’ on with this voice… is one of constant self-rejection.
Mama bear, your feelings and emotions on this journey, are so valid. 
The sadness, the fatigue, the disappointment, the desire to stop dieting… it’s ALL valid. 
Is there room for change? Sure — but this is found INSIDE of validation and compassion for where you’re at FIRST.
A deep spiritual paradox is that acceptance = change. 
So how do you offer this to yourself? How do you reframe the narrative of this “shoulding” tyrant in your brain?
I recorded a podcast on it “How to Stop Shoulding Yourself” to better help you understand: 
  • Where shoulding comes from. 
  • How to reframe this constant nagging of not enoughness.
  • And simple steps you can take today to give yourself more compassion and in turn, increase fertility.
Listen now!